Frequently Asked Questions

What is AprivaLife?

AprivaLife™ lays the foundation for a technology-agnostic, full-featured mobile commerce solution that supports payments, loyalty, couponing, location-based services, social media, and identification features in a secure, intuitive and flexible platform.

How do I enroll in AprivaLife?

Simply download AprivaLife™ at any participating merchant by keying your mobile number into the payment terminal. Or download AprivaLife™ through the Apple or Android app stores.

Which mobile devices are compatible with AprivaLife?

AprivaLife™ supports iPhone and Android devices (includes tablets). Windows Mobile version coming soon.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Apriva never stores private information on mobile devices, and card data is securely stored on Apriva's Gateway, eliminating any risk of payment card information being recovered from a lost or stolen phone.

Do I need any new cards or hardware?

Rewards and loyalty cards are not issued. The proprietary Apriva software intuitively enrolls any issuer's card as it is used through the normal transaction process, so no additional hardware is needed.

Can I redeem offers and rewards at check out?

Yes, with participating merchants. Instantly accumulate rewards and points and redeem at check out.

How do receipts work?

You'll receive instant electronic receipts on every purchase. Receipts can be sent to your mobile device or preferred email accounts.

What coupons, offers and discounts are available?

You'll automatically receive coupons and offers by particpating merchants just by signing up. Instantly accumulate rewards and points and redeem at check out.

Will I receive location-based rewards and offers?

AprivaLife™ supports LBS technologies so you'll receive relevant, geographically targeted offers.

Do I need to use a specific type of credit or debit card?

No. AprivaLife™ works with all cards types, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. This includes debit, gift, prepaid, stored value and other types of cards that carry the Visa or MasterCard logo.